The Power of Three: Webinar from California, New York, and Michigan's Workforce Associations

COVID-19: What to expect in the next 90 Days, and what you should do to prepare?

A joint presentation of the California Workforce Association, New York Association of Training and Employment Professionals, and Michigan Works! Association


What to Expect in the Next 90 Days: (and what workforce professionals should be thinking about)

A Webinar Series on the Economic Response and Recovery to Unprecedented Times 

MONDAY, JUNE 8TH 10AM-12PM PST, (1:00pm-3:00pm EST)

The road to economic recovery from COVID-19 will see the United States undergo a never before seen effort to rebuild, expand, and restore the economy across our States. As workforce development professionals, the next three months are of critical importance, to prepare for those States to reopen, and prepare to respond to economic and workforce challenges of a new size and scale.

In the first of a series of Webinars, spend time with the Directors from California, New York, and Michigan's Workforce Associations, as they share across the nation strategy for workforce development professionals on reopening job centers, caring for the mental health of workforce staff, and virtual tools to help get workforce boards back online.

Registration | $225 per person


Bob Lanter 

Bob Lanter is currently the Executive Director of the California Workforce Association leading the way in workforce strategy and the implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act for the state of California. Bob has worked almost two decades in the public sector and non-profit industry, with experience in the field of workforce development and job training. He has held various positions in local workforce investment systems from case manager to the Executive Director of the Contra Costa County Workforce Board. He gained national/federal experience working for the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration as a Federal Project Officer.

Melinda Mack

Melinda Mack is the Executive Director of the New York Association of Training and Employment Professionals (NYATEP), a nationally recognized membership association in the field of workforce development. As a steadfast advocate and expert in system’s change; she champions the investment in and expansion of evidence-based practices to improve employment outcomes for New Yorkers; the use of data to drive decision-making; and for eliminating silos that deter from high quality services. Ms. Mack is a co-lead of the Invest in Skills NY initiative and campaign that successfully engaged the State in 2018 to invest more than $175 million in job training and workforce development. In her previous roles, Ms. Mack was the founding Director for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation program, Graduate NYC! and served as the acting Executive Director for the New York City Workforce Board under the Bloomberg Administration.

Luann Dunsford

Luann Dunsford wants to live in a world where every person has a meaningful and fulfilling career and where we’re all moving forward with shared purpose to grow a vibrant, dynamic economy.

And for those of us who share that vision, here’s the best news: Luann’s not just a dreamer. She’s a doer.

As CEO of Michigan Works! Association, Luann supports her members in the Michigan Works! system and partners all over the state by delivering high-impact events and training, making valuable connections and providing top-notch leadership resources.

The Michigan Works! system is comprised of 16 multi-faceted and diverse organizations. Michigan Works! uses a demand-driven approach in which they partner with local employers, educators, economic developers and community organizations to identify workforce needs and skills gaps in order to create a qualified workforce that addresses each region’s current and future talent needs while, as the same time, fueling the state’s economic future.

While each Michigan Works! organization is independently operated, they all have several things in common, including:

• Creation of on-demand solutions for high-demand skills.

• Providing a network of resources through the state.

• Finding innovative ways to adapt, respond and customize solutions for challenging recruitment projects.

• Using community connections to bring together employers within specific industries to address long-term hiring issues.

Luann is a networking dynamo whose relationships, skills and leadership insight—coupled with high energy and determination—make her a valuable leader and partner.

When she’s not in command of Association management, you can find her at her alma mater’s volleyball games (Go Green, Go White!), volunteering in her community and running.

Learn more about Luann, her team and the Association’s advocacy, training and networking opportunities at